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Follow the Awakened is back in the studio, record due for early 2019 release!

Follow the Awakened begin the early stages of writing demos for their next release. Proudly, Earful Productions is stepping into a producers and production roll with the sophomore album release from these Texan Classical Prog Rockers. Glen Warner, Christian Ray Zeus Forbes and Will Bradford comprise the power trio that is Follow The Awakened. Glen is not only an accomplished guitarist but he composes all of the songs for the band. He records guitar riffs and builds compositions in the Presonus Studio One Professional software DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). Then Christian learns his bass parts and Will delivers the drums and percussion using Glens composition playback from the DAW software. There is a lot of work ahead for all of us but this is going to be an awesome collaboration from beginning to end. Check out the FTA first release from 2017 "Cognitive Reconstruction" - You won't be disappointed.

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