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Earful companies and TASCAM will be Live-to-2track 1bit DSD tracking AND multi-tracking our performa

Jim Stern of TASCAM & Earful Companies explains,

While at NAMM Show 2018 in Anaheim, California January 25~28 Earful Recording and Earful Mastering will be live demonstrating the TASCAM DA-3000 DSD 1bit recorder player simultaneously with a DA-6400 muti-track recorder. In the NAMM Show TASCAM booth,… , there is a Tascam ティアック株式会社 artists stage where TASCAM associated artists will be performing live 'sets' during the four day NAMM show. Earful companies will be Live-to-2track 1bit DSD tracking AND multi-tracking these artists using a DiGiCo S21 high resolution console. There will be many groups performing and I am excited that the group Follow The Awakened from Odessa, Texas will perform a 'set' during the show. I will be mixing and capturing them on-the-fly to high resolution audio formats. Follow the Awakened implemented a TASCAM 8x16 computer interface to record and produce their first release July 2017 'Cognitive Reconstruction",…/cognitive-reconstruction . They have been practicing something very special for their NAMM 'set' - Stay tuned for some exciting information from Follow The Awakened and Earful Recording.

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