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Here's an all new Q&A with Glen Warner on the KORG Kronos

In addition to lead vocals and guitar our very own Glen Warner will be playing Piano and Synth's live on the Korg Kronos for all future performances. Here's Glen with a little Q&A on the Korg Kronos, 1. How did you know the Korg Kronos would be the right fit for Follow the Awakened's wide palette of sounds? Well I had originally found the Kronos through a friend of mine, he happened to show me one of the first Jordan Rudess demo videos for the Korg! After hearing the wide variations of sound's and features I knew this fine machine would work perfect in the context of FTA and in any musical genre we decided to pursue. 2. What are your favorite patches to use on the Kronos? Some of my favorite patches to use come stock right in the Kronos, there are many synth models in the presets that resemble synth sounds from the early 70's based off Pink Floyd, Yes, Genesis, and Rush! 3. How will the Kronos be used in the next album and in upcoming live shows? This album cycle I will focus mostly composing parts that I can play live, and switch back and forth periodically from guitar to Kronos. As for future live shows I am incorporating every part that I can manage to play live on top of playing crucial guitar parts that fans expect to be there!

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