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Earful Productions and Follow the Awakened Live show a success!

We want to take a moment and say thank you to Gabby-Doo Saloon, Trey Woodfin, Michelle Parker, Perfect tone productions, Rollins Shanahan, Sweetest Misbehavior, Echoes Left Behind for an amazing time Saturday evening, and everyone working together to have a successful show.

Our management Earful Productions, J A Sterno Stern, with Jeremy Rohrbough, for being there every step of the way. Eric Larsen and TASCAM for the always reliable gear to get the job done, Tommy Jonesand the Nuclear Blast team FOR EVERYTHING!!! Altius Guitars, Darkglass Electronics, Diamondback Drumsticks for believing in the band and helping us get their products out to more eyes and ears!!!

And most importantly, thank you to the fans and supporters who stuck it out for the long haul!!, New York, New York with Metal Allegiance draws closer.

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